Country of origin: Georgia
Years active: 1957-1980


Georgian state pop (vocal-instrument) orchestra (ensemble). 'Рэро' (რერო, Rero)—when translated, song—was the breadth and expanse of Georgian melody.

The soloists of the orchestra were: Nazi Dumbadze, Zurab Tsiskaridze, Eteri Kakulia, the duet Nanuli Abesadze and Suliko Koroshinadze, and Teimuraz Tsaguria. Their repertoire had Georgian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and English songs, and instrumental pop-jazz pieces. In the 70's the collective was supervised by Gibi Gachechiladze. It was at this time that the composition of the orchestra was quite large. Four trombonists, two saxophonists, five rhythm sections, nine string players, and a vocal group of ten people.

VIO 'Рэро' gave a start in life to many wonderful songs and released a whole galaxy of soloists—those such as Lili Gegelia, Nazi Dumbadze, Suliko Koroshinadze, Nani Bregvadze, Vakhtang Kikabidze. Niko Dzhadugishvili, Giuli Chokheli, Zurab Rtskhiladze, Temur Tsaguria, Lola Khomiants, Segro Honikashvili, Nana Nagebashvili, Irma Sokhadze, Soso and Ariman Ebralidze, Eteri Chelidze, Medeia Dzidziguri.

The first leader of the collective—Konstantin Grigorievich Pevzner—was a participant in World War II, and a graduate of the Azerbaijan Conservatory in the composition class of Kara Karaev.

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