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Russian-American madman who will eat you like Baba Yaga

My name is Nikita (Nick) or Nadezda (Nadya), and I've been maintaining this website since sometime in 2019. Originally I had made it to use as a sandbox and keep my OC information someplace accessible, but as I grew older and all that fun shit, I ended up adding more.

I've had many interations of this website, though this time around I decided to make it simpler on me and have a slightly more Web 1.0 approach. The site might look a little ugly for a bit, but bear with me as I'm changing things. I hope to make the CSS easier to deal with, since the way I handled it before fucking sucked (I didn't bother changing the file path, so I instead just put a new copy of the CSS in each folder). Despite wanting a simpler approach, I'm still going to take advantage of as much new-fangled HTML/CSS I need to. For your sake and mine, I'll do what I can to lay off on the JS.

Where to find me

I'm not super active on social media, however here are a few places you can find me on the Net:

My more personal social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) is reserved for people closer to me, so sorry about that. Feel free to follow my Tumblr if you find it, though.

For more personal information about me:

I was born in San Francisco and raised in the surrounding cities, but currently live on a ranch further north. My family descends from modern day Ukraine (Odessa and Poltava), but this was part of Russia at the time and we've always considered ourselves Russian. They moved here about a century ago at this point, however I still feel very connected to my heritage, and do what I can to honour my ancestors.

I speak three languages with varying fluency. I'm not super conversational in any of them aside English, but I have a bunch of translations available that you can go check out...

My favourite video game of all time is Mega Man. I'm mostly interested in the classic series, however MMX has my attention as well. I know a lot of MMX fans really want an X9, but I really can't trust Capcom with it anymore...

I'm also an avid Touhou player, though I only play Highly Responsive to Prayers, the first one. I've 1cc'd the game more times than anyone frankly should. I play the other PC-98 games occasionally, and also have Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, but LoLK is too difficult for me at this point in time. I've heard people say that HRtP is harder, though, so neener neener boo boo.