A drawing of Tomo Sakurai from Lemon Angel, from a PC-98 game

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Welcome to my house of rats

On this site is a lot of nerd stuff of different flavours. Are you interested in music and language? How about computing and emulation? Potentially even cartoons and anime? All of it is here in some form, and I'm always working behind the scenes to add more... even if I don't always post it right away.

This site was created in August of 2019, and has always in some shape or form been dedicated to whatever I'm interested in and want to share with the world. Back in the day it was OCs, but now it's more just anything. I'm always sharing some form of my work here, and who knows? Maybe I'll go back to writing about my OCs again.

The site's appearance and overall structure received a major overhaul in early October of 2023, so some leftover or un-updated links may be broken. I'm working on fixing this, so please be patient.

Site rating + other warnings

While the content on this site isn't meant for kids, I would say it's a pretty solid 16+. Some pages may have more mature or disturbing content on them, but there will always be a warning at the top of the page.

This site is optimized strictly for Firefox and widescreen devices.