Name Nikita, Terra, Zero

Age 17

Pronouns whatever lol

Country USA (CA)

Languages ENG, FR, some RUS


Your average dude who's just hopelessly gay for a shitton of robots. Senior in high school. Vocaloid user. Hobbyist in everything remotely interesting to me. You think I have any redeeming qualities?

I started this Neocities website because I wanted to play around in HTML. I'm a really shitty coder (and from what I can recall, HTML isn't even considered actual coding by people skilled in things like C#) but it's fun to me because I like typing a lot. Eventually this website had more of an actual personal value to me and I've been slowly adding to it since. I know nobody will really find this place without me showing them, but I hope it feels nice to people who happen to stumble upon my little corner of the internet.

My two big media interests are Megaman and Ace Attorney, but I like other things too. I like to translate songs in my spare time (you can find those in the sandbox) and in general I really like languages. My music taste consists generally of european synthpop and disco from the 80's, but I'll listen to anything I like. Perhaps I will upload a list of my personal collection someday.

If you need something from me, feel free to contact me whenever. I'll respond whenever I'm awake or have time, so please don't be offended if I read it but then fuck off for another four-odd hours - I probably had work to do, or was about to sleep when you sent it.

(I ended up turning off the 'profile' feature of my account - I don't know if that had ways to contact me, but I'm easiest to reach on Tumblr)

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