A drawing of Tomo Sakurai from Lemon Angel, from a PC-98 game

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I show my love of music through translation, and I want to make the things I like more accessible to people who may not speak those languages. Some of that may have to do with my cultural heritage, but other times I just really like a song or band.

You can always contact me (either through email or on LT) if you have any questions or comments regarding my translations. Please read the terms if you want to use any of them.

PESNI (/pesni)

Song translations have aided my language learning process for as long as I've lived. While I could never hope to post every single one, I still have a decent amount that you can check out.

ARTISTY (/artisty)

A lot of artists I enjoy have scarce information available in English. I'm here to change that! Original sources will be linked, if you would like to check those out, too.

TRANSKRIPCII (/transkripcii)

There's a lot of media out there that I enjoy, but lacks any sort of text to read along. Songs without lyrics find their words here.

SUBTITRY (/subtitry)

This is where I host small animations and music videos I've translated and captioned. Beware, things posted here are subject to removal fast. (Contact me for inquiries about anything taken down)